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Chemically-Treated vs. Single-Donor Unprocessed Virgin Hair Extensions: Which Is Better?

Hair extensions come in just about every colour, length, and style. But there are also differences that go deeper than what you see. On one side of the spectrum, you have single-donor unprocessed virgin hair extensions. This is the most natural option. On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are hair extensions that have been chemically treated.

Don’t get confused by the different options of hair extensions. If you want to find out how these options differ, keep reading!

What are Single-Donor Unprocessed Virgin Hair Extensions?

Single donor hair extensions come from one person. They are never treated with dyes, bleaches, or chemicals—it’s just pure human hair. Because the hair comes from one source, the hair looks naturally uniform without treatment. The cuticles are all still intact in virgin hair and are running the same direction.

Virgin hair offers you so much versatility. You can style the hair any way you would style your natural using heat tools or styling products. You can change your hairstyle often without the quality of the extensions suffering. However, because they are not dyed, these extensions only come in natural colours

Unprocessed hair is the easiest to care for because you can treat it the way you would your natural hair. After all, it is natural hair! Virgin hair provides the softest, silkiest, most luscious hair extensions on the market. Everyone will want to know your hair care secrets!

With virgin hair extensions, you’re paying for quality. Your hair will look to-die-for every day when you’re using authentic, chemical-free hair extensions.

What are Chemically Treated Hair Extensions?

The term “chemically treated” covers a variety of treatments. Some hair could be treated with a relaxer or a perm. Many processed hair bundles are also coated in silicone to give them that shiny look that many people crave. Once the hair has been dyed or treated in any way, it can never become virgin hair again.

Another way that hair can be chemically treated is with an acidic bath. This strips the hair of all its natural characteristics and destroys the cuticle. This wrecks the natural beauty of the hair.

The massive downside with these extensions is they are aren’t natural. The chemicals damage the hair, and people may even notice that your hair doesn’t look very natural. Hair extensions can also be difficult to care for if they’ve been chemically treated.

These extensions won’t last as long as virgin hair. Although you may pay less for them when you initially purchase them, they will cost you more in the long run. You will have to replace them often. After just a few washes, the silicone can deteriorate, leaving the hair dry and frizzy. It will also remove any perm or relaxer that was in the hair.

Your Unprocessed Hair Extensions Await!

Unprocessed virgin hair is superior in so many ways to chemically treated extensions. If you want the best, most natural hair extensions, choose to purchase from Dalanda Hair. We sell single-donor unprocessed virgin hair extensions in a variety of colours and styles that you’ll love! You can order online or stop into our West London location to see your options in person.

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